Faculty Resources

Think, Write, Learn

The book Think, Write, Learn, written by Keene State faculty members Phyllis Benay, professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, and Kirsti Sandy, professor of English. Think, Write, Learn emerged from and continues to inform our work with students at Keene State College. Suggestions for classroom work and worksheets incorporate insights and strategies from faculty who have taught the course. Think, Write, Learn reflects the value of the sustained writing project in the intellectual lives of students—both in Thinking and Writing as well as in other courses. Faculty who are planning to teach ITW can obtain a copy of this book by contacting the ITW Co-Coordinator, Kate Tirabassi, at ktirabassi@keene.edu or 603-358-2924.

Library Faculty Support and Workshops

The library faculty offer support to faculty teaching ITW on strategies for teaching information literacy.  The library’s research and technology fellows offer individual consultations and periodic workshops on information literacy for faculty teaching ITW. The contact for Thinking and Writing instruction in the Mason Library is Information Literacy Librarian Elizabeth Dolinger at 603-358-2749 and edolinger@keene.edu.

The Center for Writing

ITW faculty work closely with the staff of the Keene State College Center for Writing. Every tutor at the Center for Writing has first-hand experience developing a sustained writing project; indeed, faculty and students gain indispensible insight from tutors who have experienced the struggles—and pleasures—of such a writing challenge.  The Center provides tutor liaisons who visit classes and explain the Center’s services, provide in-class workshops about a variety of topics, and who communicate faculty questions and feedback to the rest of the tutors. A list of available workshops is available at the Center’s website, http://sites.keene.edu/write/faculty/in-class-workshops/. The Director of the Center, Kate Tirabassi can be reached at ktirabassi@keene.edu.

ITW Professional Development Opportunities

For AY 2016-17,  faculty teaching ITW are invited to join in discussing John Bean’s book Engaging Ideas: The Professor’s Guide to Integrating Writing, Critical Thinking, and Active Learning in the Classroom (2nd Edition). These meetings are useful for faculty teaching writing across the curriculum and offer valuable opportunities to gain insight into our shared responsibility of engaging our students with college-level thinking and writing. To learn more about the Teaching Writing and Thinking Faculty Learning Community, contact Kate Tirabassi, ktirabassi@keene.edu or Mark Long, mlong@keene.edu.

Additional ITW Faculty Resources

There are additional resources available to faculty currently teaching or interested in teaching ITW 101 at Keene State College. Please contact Kate Tirabassi, ITW Co-Coordinator, at ktirabassi@keene.edu or 603.358.2924 for more information about these resources.


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