Center for Writing Tutors attend Conference

Students in Thinking and Writing are fortunate to have the support of undergraduate tutors who work at the Center for Writing. The tutors bring to their work practical experiences working with writers and theoretical understanding of the mission and philosophy of the course.

On April 10, Center for Writing tutors Josh Starkey, Allison Siwacki, Karah Dunn, Kate Curtis, and Administrative Assistant Jahleh Ghanbari presented “Close Knit or Closed Off?: How Writing Centers Project Images of Inclusion and Exclusion” at the Northeast Writing Center Association’s annual conference at Boston University. Their presentation included an analysis of data from different constituencies on campus in order to understand how writing centers are perceived by faculty, students, and administration.

Our writing tutors work closely not only with student writers, but with faculty as well. In addition to arranging opportunities for their students to visit the Center, faculty meet with tutors in a Partnership Program designed to strengthen the support for first-year students in the ITW course. In addition, faculty member invite tutors to conduct workshops in class on all aspects of the writing process. These peer-to-peer teaching workshops reinforce the necessary and ongoing work that is required to produce an effective piece of writing.

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